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Discovery: Session 5, Week 4

This week for CIV, Discovery got to work on their infographic. In order to create it, the learners are to research their topics narrowing their research to important artifacts that relate to their topic. The learners have the option to use platforms like Canva or do it by hand on a poster board. After getting approval on their infographics, the learners work on recreating famous artifacts in real life!

For Writer's Workshop, the learners worked on their approval process for their scripts while others worked on it for their video edits. Their challenge for this session is to make three videos that they recorded, edited, and received feedback for. During their launch on Thursday, the learners got to play a Spelling Jeopardy game during their launch!

While working on the Special, many learners worked on wrapping their chocolate pieces, while others made commercials and their wrapper logos! The learners had the opportunity to share their work during the closing circle. One group showcased their final logo design, while others presented their chocolate commercial. When the learners present their work, they have the choice to pick someone in the circle to give them warm and cool feedback to reflect on.

Finally, during Quest, the Falcons worked on their posters for the Children’s Business Fair this session. In addition to their business poster, the learners get to create posters that include prices for items or services they are looking to sell. Some learners even include deals and discounts to allure customers for their big day. Moreover, the learners engaged in a morning launch that asked an important question as they immerse themselves in the world of entrepreneurship, “Why do you think it is important to be confident in your business?”

Written by a Discovery learner

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