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Discovery: Session 5, Week 5

This week, Discovery worked on E-ship Quest finishing up their challenges for next week’s Business Fair. Some of these include calculating the cost of items they will be selling and figuring out how much profit they will potentially make if they sold all the items being sold. Some ether challenges include creating posters that can attract customers, creating a price list on Canva. In addition, the learners also get to make flyers to promote their businesses and spread the word around their communities!

During Art, Discovery enjoyed making miniature houses, drawings and sculpting and many other forms of their choice. For this session, the learners explored art with more artistic expression where they focused on creations that got to them to their challenge zone.

For special, the Falcons got to their last round of Chocolate Making challenges. Many of the learners finished creating their logos for their chocolates while others are working on creating a commercial and business plans. The learners answer questions that include, “How do you plan to use the funds from your business?”, “What is your 1-year plan?” and “What expenses will you have for your plan?”and

Written by a Discovery learner


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