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Discovery: Session 6, Week 1

Hello, fellow learners and parents,

This week the Quest was Growing Curiosity and the theme was medical/medicine! There was an activity with a stabbing dilemma where you take a plastic bag, fill it with water, stab a pencil through it, and then try to patch it up with a piece of tape! Another thing you could do is draw an organ!

For Writer's Workshop this week, we explored Night Zookeeper where you make/draw/collect animals and write about them! We explore how they travel, what they look like, what powers they have, and more! This platform helps writing in a few ways, one way is whenever you are writing and you don't put a .?! at the end a small person pops up and says to put one! A lot of the learners noticed it!

For this week we didn't really have anything else so I’m going to talk a little more about town hall. For town hall someone made a slip that after you are done with your work in studio maintenance you have to help work or else you get charged. Anyway, hope you had a great week!

Written by a Discovery learner

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