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Journey: Session 2, Week 3

This week, Quest was all about Elasticity! The Falcons explored Hooks’ law, learned about potential elastic energy, and created bungee cords for Ms. Egg to jump! It was fun! You could look at the weekly pictures to learn more and ask your learner if their egg survived the jump.

For Genre, the Falcons put all their effort into finishing their rough draft: they decided in which order their hero would meet the three villains, tried to deepen their hero’s challenge, and wrote the climax: the moment of truth of their hero before they return home.

For civ, the Falcons learned about king Louis XIV, one of France's most famous rulers. The learners debated this question while trying a new method for Socratic discussion:

You are Louis XIV. To enhance your image as an absolute monarch and the Sun King, do you:

  • Build the most magnificent palace in Europe and undertake massive public works programs despite the pain this inflicts on French taxpayers, or

  • Lower taxes on the peasants and the nobility to enhance your image as a good and just king, although you will have a more modest palace and a less extensive network of forts and waterways.

We have a weekly launch on Thursday afternoon about conflict resolution and making peace. We play a game that practices listening, empathy, or expressing feelings. This week, after the game, we discussed 360-degree feedback in preparation for the feedback we have today. The Flaocns shared what helps them when they get feedback and some techniques for taking it as an opportunity to grow.

Next week we’ll have a short week dedicated to catching up and preparing for the craft fair. On Wednesday, the learners will celebrate Thanksgiving with a first party organized solely by the council, including an excellent school feast! Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!

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