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Journey: Session 2, Week 7

On Tuesday, the learners gathered together in a circle and shared the speeches they worked on. You can find the videos of all the speeches in the weekly photos folder. After everybody shared and got feedback from the other Falcons, they voted for the one they thought was the best and prepared for the exhibition.

On Quest, the learners gathered all their pitches, budgets, and itineraries to prepare for the upcoming exhibition. They then made plans on presenting their boards and pitches and decided to create tables for each of their posters/boards.

At the exhibition, The Falcons explained what they did for Genre, Quest, and Civ and then brought each to share with the parents. After that, the learners shared their talents and skills with the parents. They sang, danced, and tricked the audience while having fun.

Finally, twas Friday! The Falcons started the day with a movie. The Sparks and Journey gathered in one room to watch Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. They had fun watching the movie while enjoying some popcorn. Next, it was activity time. The learners from all studios played the traditional “Left” and “right” game with a Christmas story read by Travis. After that fun game, the learners were given a choice whether to play and have fun outside or do art projects in the studios. They created either a jar with cutout fairies, crystals of their design, or a candle with their color choice.

I hope you have enjoyed the second session, and it has been a pleasure to have you here. We will see you in the third session.

Happy Holidays!!!

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