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Sparks: Session 6, Week 2

Let’s go, Sparks! We began our second week of session six with our usual Mindset Monday and talked about impactful moments and what we can learn from them. Learners discussed whether they would change any impactful moment they went through in their own life if they could. Sparks continued their day with Quest, playing team-building board games.

On Tuesday, Sparks continued their This or That questions. Tuesday’s questions were light-hearted but slightly more serious than last week’s. Sparks were asked to vote on their answers. During Art, sparks had to create a story for the superhero they created last week in the form of a comic book.

Wednesday, we talked about the kind word: “compassion.” Sparks discussed what ways they could make their compassion for someone stronger. They spoke about if it is possible to have compassion for someone they do not know. For Battle Of The Squads, Sparks had to complete a series of partner races like ball-toss, relay, and wheel barrel races.

This Thursday, we quickly reviewed the treasures (tools) we found throughout this year that we spoke about last week. Sparks discussed the “friendship tool” in detail and how they would use it to either become a better friend or gain more friends. In our writer’s workshop, the Sparks finished coming up with their stories from last week, and when completed, they could begin the next challenge within the writer’s workshop. Sparks went on to think about how some of their favorite stories begin and found different ways to incorporate an engaging introduction to their stories.

Friday morning started with our typical Fitness Friday! In the afternoon, we had our launch on “humbly winning and gracefully losing.” Sparks had their “Neighborhood Quest” and faced each other with various challenges and games. We’ll pick up where we left off next week. See you all then!

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